Sayonara, 2023! What's up, 2024? We've got a fresh year on our hands (woo-hoo!), and while it's meant to be this kick-butt new beginning, let's be real—it's not always smooth sailing for everyone.

Why? Well, not everyone's got their resolutions all figured out on day 1. And that’s A-OK. You should ease into the year and give yourself some grace. It’s not always about charging full speed ahead.

 Some of us are just trying to figure out how to navigate this whole process without feeling like we're in a maze.

 Or… like me, trying to make sure I get the kids to each activity while keep my head above the water (or snow, here in Wisconsin).

 And hey, if you're feeling a bit stuck in this crazy journey, guess what? You're in good company, and that's totally cool!

 The thing is giving it your all isn't always enough when it comes to reaching your goals. First things first, you've got to be on the same wavelength as your dreams and desires.

 I get it. I had my own struggles kicking off last year.

 But guess what? I found some gentle strategies that will help you turn the page and move closer to knowing what you want to get done and setting yourself up for success with it. And I'm dishing them out in this episode.

 Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this—let's spill the beans together!

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Listen out for: 

  • Pushing Past Brain Comfort Zones [3:41]
  • Examining Personal Desires Before Goals [6:38]
  • Setting Specific, Measurable Goals [10:54]
  • Habit Stacking Routines and Self-Talk [12:31]



“There's going to come a day where you're going to say, ‘I don't want to work out. I'm good.’ And your brain is going to be like, ‘Yeah, you don't need to do this because we like it where you are right now even if you don't like it where you are––this is where you're safe and this is where we think you need to be.’ When that day comes, recognize that you are essentially having an internal battle with yourself and you will have to push yourself out of that comfort safety zone in order to get to the next level.” [4:48]

 “The reason why you should examine your desires first is because our goals tend to be set externally –– we're not setting them based on what we really think that we want.” [6:41]

 “Start with one goal and build it into one routine –– one habit stack. For example, I make lunch every single day. In alignment with my health goal, I've incorporated the habit of making a protein shake to accompany my lunch to ensure that I get enough protein each and every day –– that is a habit stack.” [12:42]



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