Self-control isn't just a desirable trait. As it turns out, it's a defining quality of the world’s most successful too. The best part? By honing a few aspects in your life, you can claim this awesome superpower and unlock its transformative potential.

In this episode, I will be sharing The 7 Pillars of Self-Control and how they can help achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and lead a more successful business and fulfilling life.

Listen out for: 

  • Pillar #1: Your Thoughts [4:07]
  • Pillar #2: Time Management (Not In A Traditional Sense) [6:59]
  • Pilar #3: Presence [9:21]
  • Pilar #4: Boundaries [11:11]
  • Pilar #5: Your Health [13:13]
  • Pilar #6: Integrity [14:56]
  • Pilar #7: Learning & Self-Development [17:03]
  • The 30-Day Challenge: Which Pillar Will You Be Mastering First? [18:36]
  • & more!


“One of the biggest ‘aha' moments I had with my own thoughts is that I am not my thoughts.” [4:30]

“We are so not present in our lives. We are jumping from task to task, to-do to to-do. We’re doing more of the doing and less of the being.” [9:36]

“Boundaries isn’t just [about] ‘I’m setting strict rules…’ It’s about what you tolerate.And it’s about how you treat others. It’s about how you treat yourself. It’s about how you should be treated.” [11:29]

“I noticed [that] when I am taking care of myself, that is the highest form of self-control.” [13:16]

“Self-control is really about living according to our values and our principles… People who lack integrity actually lack self-control.” [15:08]

“[On Learning & Self-Development] You get to start to think from a different place. Think from a place of, ‘Oh, I’ve learned this about myself. I’ve learned that I like this, or I don’t like this. I’ve learned that I can choose to be different or show up differently or act differently.’ And that helps you to become more in self-control.” [17:38]

Resources Mentioned 

🔗 Brain Facts: Everyday Your Brain Process About 70,000 Thoughts

🔗 Meet My Mentor: Brendon Burchard


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EPISODE 4 - The 7 Pillars of Self-Control
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