Ah, the infamous work-life balance. It's something we talk about so much, especially as women, especially as moms. We are expected to do so much stuff. And yet, we're also suppose to have time for ourselves and everything in between.

Everybody says you need it, but only a few seem to achieve it. Why is that so? And, more importantly, how can one attain this sought-after equilibrium, or at least, take the first steps toward it?

In this episode, allow me to candidly delve into all-too-relatable challenges with work-life balance and share strategies to achieve practical stability for busy parents & professionals alike.

Listen out for: 

  • Work-life balance challenge #1: Constant availability [3:13]
  • Work-life balance challenge #2: Pressure to succeed [04:56]
  • Work-life balance challenge #3: Long work hours [5:19]
  • Work-life balance challenge #4: Guilt [6:28]
  • A look into Human Design Energy Types [6:56]
  • Strategy for success #1: Boundaries [9:44]
  • Strategy for success #2: Self-care [11:18]
  • Strategy for success #3: Delegate tasks [12:55]
  • Strategy for success #4: Schedules [14:16 ]
  • Strategy for success #5: Family meetings [14:57]
  • & more!


“As a mom of two children, who owns her own business, who has a husband who works an hour away… trying to find the balance of healthy meals, self-care, family time, dating time, all the timeit might not always seem like it is possible. And that is a-okay.” [0:59] 

“There’s this sense of hey, you have to be constantly available…[and] constant availability is a lot.” [3:21] 

“When you are around people, you’re taking in their energy. So if they’re having negative energy, bad days, all the extra stuff, even though they might not talk about it, and you might not externally see it on them, a part of you is bringing that in no matter what your human design type is.” [7:54]

“99% of the time I do not take calls before 10 my time, and that gives me time to do more self-care, that allows me to get my work out in, that allows me to journal, that allows me to get everything else get done that I need to get done, so that I am showing up from a less stressed, more aligned place” [14:22] 

“Remember: Set clear boundaries. Prioritize your self-care. Delegate tasks that you don’t need to do and incorporate your family into that.” [18:55] 

Resources Mentioned 

Human Design America

The Powerful Connection Between Your Hips & Your Emotions


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