Our identity is not static. It's ever-growing, ever-evolving. You aren't the same person you were yesterday, a week ago, a month ago or even a year ago. If we think about it However, there are moments that urge us to initiate this transformation instead of waiting for it to unfold. So, how do you recognize this turning point especially in wanting to be a new you? And additionally, which is more important, how do you go about it?

In this episode, I'll talk about the concept of identity and explore the cues that indicate the need for a change. Additionally, I'll also give actionable tips on how to start setting a new identity for yourself and guide you through the process of becoming the person you want to be. Let's go!

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Listen out for:

● Understanding The Concept Of Identity [5:47]
● Exploring The Reasons Why Someone Might Want A Change [10:51]
● The Importance Of Self-Awareness & Self-Assessment [16:18]
● How To Start Setting A New Identity & Vision [18:26]
● Creating A Roadmap For Transformation [20:06]
● Embracing The Journey of Continual Growth [22:07]

& More!

Quotes Around Becoming A New You

“You are born. Yes, you get to learn from people who have raised you. And then you come up with the beliefs, most likely from the people who have raised you. Then you create your own beliefs from them… But you don’t have to take their beliefs as your own. And you don’t have to even keep the beliefs that you have now as your own. You can say ‘Oh, that doesn’t serve me anymore. I can change it.’” [1:05]

“The people who have gone to college, they have their, ‘I am a lawyer’ ‘I am a doctor’ ‘I am this’, ‘I am that’… The people whose identity has always wanted to be a mother [say], ‘I am a mother’… Business owners [say], “I am a business owner’, ‘I own my own business’. So really, I want you to start playing when people ask, ‘Hi! How are you? What do you do? Who are you?’ like what is the first thing you tend to tell people who you are?” [7:17]

“You cannot move yourself forward until you are honest with yourself.” [16:40]

“Give yourself patience and self-compassion. You are essentially trying to change a piece of your core that you have been for potentially years or your whole life. It’s not going to go right for the first time. It’s not going to be perfect. And that’s a-okay.” [22:19]

Questions To Ask Yourself

I wanted to share the questions I asked in the podcast so it makes it easier for you to journal around the new you. If you're looking for some personal accountability or help with your goals, grab my 3-Day Voxer Access where we will talk it out and you will leave with a clear action plan for the next 3 months of your life.

  1. Who am I right now? Firstly, this question encourages you to take a deep dive into your current self – your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, values, and the factors that define your current identity. This is the uncomfortable part if you're truly ready to get 100% honest with yourself. Once you do this, this is essentially your base and your starting point.
  2. What don't I like about my current identity? This question helps identify the aspects of your current self that you are not satisfied with. These could be habits, traits, or patterns of behavior. Acknowledging these areas is the first step towards change. For example, for me, like I mentioned in the podcast, I didn't/don't like my eating habits, so instead of changing my whole diet around – I am choosing to incorporate 10 additional fruits and veggies into my diet each week.
  3. Who do I want to become? Envision your ideal self – the person you aspire to be. Be specific in describing this future self. What are their values, behaviors, habits, and attitudes? How do they handle adversity or success? Remember, in the podcast, I mentioned thinking about who you want to become and also finding a few people you could follow if you're on social a lot so that you're in their “virtual energy.”
  4. What concrete steps can I take to become this person? This question transforms your vision into actionable steps. Consider new habits you could adopt, skills you could learn, or old patterns you could break. What are one or two actions that you can take? You don't want to come up with 5 or 6 different things because that might lead to you not keeping up with your new identity and habits that you're creating.
  5. How will I measure my progress? It's important to have milestones or indicators of success. How will you know when you're becoming more like the person you aspire to be? This could be a feeling of greater satisfaction in life, achieving certain goals, or receiving positive feedback from those around you.

Resources Mentioned

🔗 Oxford Language Dictionary: Definition of Identity
🔗 Facing History: Exploring The Concept of Identity
🔗 Psychology Today: How Identity Change Happens
🔗 Soul Fueled Life: Get Your Daily Success Tracker (FREE)


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