New priorities. New settings. Or a new routine. A new season of life is what I'm feeling like I'm in right now. Our kids are headed back to school and I'm ready for some normalcy and bringing back a routine again.Do not get me wrong, I have loved summer with my kids and my family. It's been a blessing to have them home.

No matter which phase of your life you’re in or are stepping into, the adjustments it brings can feel like a lot to handle. If you’re looking for practical advice from someone who’s faced similar challenges, you’re in the right place. I've not just faced it, I'm currently living it and moving into even more of it.

Join me as I unpack what you can do and how you can set yourself up for success in your current (or next) season in life!  And don't mind me on this one. I was super excited and I rambled a teensie bit on this one. Only because it's literally one of my favorite subjects to talk about. And so many of us do not realize that we have control of our lives, our emotions and how we show up. You can listen here below, or you can listen on iTunes or Spotify.

Listen out for: 

  • Introduction + Life Lately [1:43]
  • The Different Seasons of Life [8:16]
  • Moving Into A New Season & Challenges Of Adjusting To A New Routine [10:55]
  • The Importance Of Self-Compassion During Transitions [16:21]
  • Tips For Managing Your Season In Life [20:00]
  •  & Many More!


“I want you to think about this, ‘What season of life are you in this particular month or year?’ — and give yourself permission to be in it.” [9:32]

“You essentially get to start fresh and you essentially get to remake what works for you. And it's not gonna be perfect. Do not make it out to be that it has to be perfect… It’s about the path of least resistance so you are doing the most without the most energy.” [13:01]

“It’s also about giving yourself grace, especially during these big transitions… Don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe ask yourself, ‘How can I give myself grace? What can I do to take care of myself this moment?’”  [16:21]

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Hello, Good Life Ep. 9 - What Season of Life Are You In?
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