Stuck in a job you hate? Perpetually living life on someone else’s terms? I have been exactly where you are. After successfully breaking free from these chains and forging a new path toward joy and fulfillment, I am determined to empower you in achieving the same. Goodbye, dreary days & Hello, Good Life!

In our introductory episode, I welcome you all, opens up about my personal journey,  and gives a glimpse of what to can expect in future episodes of the podcast.

Listen out for: 

  • My life story & a brief retelling of how she ended up here [2:59]
  • Random fun facts (including my quirky fascination for the holiday season) [10:43]
  • Goal of the podcast [13:11]
  • Exploring her definition of a Good Life [14:00]
  • How you can start to look at what a Good Life means to you (core values, beliefs, & non-negotiables)  [15:15]
  • A sneak peek into the next topics [20:30]


“If you have faith or say ‘I want this’, but you’re not taking action and your identity isn't moving in that direction, you’re never going to get there… In order to do that, you need faith plus action—and that’s when the miracles come in place.” [8:30] 

“You could already have a good life, and you could just say you want to enhance certain areas. I mean, I am very grateful for the life that we have now. But I am in a state of re-envisioning in my life, which means decluttering a lot of the stuff that we already have, simplifying, and just being more present.”  [13:36]

“Think about the questions we ask: What values do you hold dear? What principles guide your decisions? A lot of people don’t have any principles and they make quick reactive decisions and that was something I absolutely used to do.” [17:27]

“When you start to get more proactive, more purpose-filled, more soul-filled then you start to live easier. Again, the beginning is hard. But I promise you it gets easier.” [18:39] 


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