We normally have a strong desire to be in total control of everything — until pressure, stress, and anxiety force us really release control. But what if we could do it sooner? What if we could spare ourselves from all the mental turmoil and enjoy the good life?

In this episode, I open up about the pivotal moments of my life that led me to reassess my relationship with control. I also share strategies on how you can start releasing control and opening up yourself to the good things that come with trusting the process.

Listen out for: 

  • A quick recap of last week’s episode [0:54]
  • Why I quit my job & my first steps to releasing control [2:18]
  • Anecdotes + Action Points: Understanding Control, Embracing Uncertainty, & The Journey of Release [7:23]
  • The process of learning to trust yourself, your instincts, & your decisions [11:45]
  • The impact of trust on business growth [16:34]
  • & more!


“I also think it’s a part of my human design to say, ‘No, I don’t have to do it the way I was taught to do it. I can do it differently.’” [7:43]

“When I think of releasing control I think of saying, ‘Okay, I feel that I want to have control, but let me journal around this. Let me journal around the journey of releasing this and getting to the absolute root…’ And it’s really funny because…it’s never as bad as we think it is.” [10:37]

“‘You are going to embrace this trust in yourself and you’re going to act as if you trust yourself implicitly’… That’s where I started to act from—and things just started falling into place.” [12:45]

“I learned to enjoy me, more. I learned to trust my instincts more. And I have learned I am becoming a better version of me by doing these three things: by embracing my emotions, learning how to handle my emotions, by embracing the trust. And by learning to release the control as well.” [16:31]

Resources Mentioned 

🔗 Human Design America: https://www.humandesignamerica.com/

🔗 Quotes by Lao Tzu: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7443837-when-i-let-go-of-what-i-am-i-become


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Episode 2: How To Release Control & Trust The Process
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