Everyone talks about how important setting goals is, but what about revisiting them? What about taking the time to truly, and I mean truly, reflect on what you want to accomplish and what you need to do to get there. Or… if your goals and priorities have changed, what are your new goals?

In this episode, I’ll let you in on the value of routinely reviewing your personal and business goals. Additionally, I'll be sharing with you the key steps to make meaningful progress in the months ahead.

Listen out for: 

  • Points to Reflect on this past Q2 [1:50]
  • Areas to Reevaluate [5:19]
  • How to Realign your focus and approach [7:04]
  • What it means to Recommit [9:21]
  • Ideas on how to Reset for Q3 [17:03]
  • & more!

Questions To Reflect On Each

I'm going to share with you some of the questions I ask myself each quarter and how you can use them to reflect on your life, career, business, etc. These are so insightful and can really lead you to answers you wouldn't normally expect to get. It's given me some major AHAs as go through these questions. And I've also seen where I've been the bottleneck in my life and business.I have seen where I've held myself back.

Not only that, but on a good note it allows me to see what positive aspects are going right and the consistent habits I've kept too. I truly think without a proper reflection into your life you can't grow. As a result, without growth, you stay stagnant.

Personal Life Questions To Ask & Reflect On:

  1. What were my major achievements this quarter? And how have they contributed to my overall goals?
  2. What challenges did I face, and how did I address them? Are there things I could have done differently?
  3. Have my personal goals or values shifted this quarter? Yes? Okay! If they've changed, what adjustments do I need to make to my future plans?
  4. How have I grown personally this quarter, and what areas do I want to focus on for further personal development in the next quarter?

Business & Professional Life Questions To Ask & Reflect On:

  1. What were the biggest wins for my business this quarter? Additionally, how can I build upon these successes in the future?
  2. What obstacles did I encounter, and what strategies did I use to overcome them? Additionally, they effective?
  3. How has my business strategy evolved this quarter, if at all? Are there any changes that need to be made to better align with my overall business goals?
  4. What have I learned about my business, team, or industry this quarter? As a result of what I've learned, how can I leverage these insights to improve my business operations in the next quarter?

Quotes To Ponder

“It’s okay if you outgrow your old goals, it’s okay if priorities shift, it’s okay to look at your values, look at your long-term life vision, look at what your interests are, and it's okay for you to adjust that.”  [6:38]

“You get to go through this process, you get to feel the emotions, you get to give yourself an hour, maybe 2, if you aren’t where you want to be, and then you get to move on. And it's okay for you to say, ‘Okay, I’m ready to take that next step, I’m ready to move on, I’m putting together my new plan.’” [14:56]

“Doing it scared and doing it imperfectly is how it’s going to get done.” [23:25]

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Quarter 2 Review and Q3 Goals: Time to Reflect and Reset
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