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Let me tell you, this year was not for the faint of heart.  This year tested me emotionally, physically, mentally and everything in between.

So with that said, I wanted to share the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year. It’s a mix of business lessons and personal lessons because when you run your business from home, it is kind of intertwined. I’ll get into that as a lesson.

I’ve had a decent business year even with having surgery and taking a lot of time off this December. I’m really proud of what I’ve done and how I’ve stood my ground and stood up for myself more this year in life and biz than I have before.

Normally, I’m a don’t rock the boat sort of girl, but I’m finding my voice again and it feels really good.

Let’s dive in!

What Worked & Didn’t Work This Year

I’m jumping in first and doing a general overview of what did and didn’t work for me this year. These are just off the top of my head as I’m writing this. I wasn’t planning on adding this but I think it’s helpful to do a general overview.

What worked really well this year:

  • Being assertive. This was being done without being rude, but bringing balance and boundaries back into my life has given me this amazing opportunity to be more present with my kids.
  • Boundaries. Again… this is something I want to teach my kids and if I’m not doing it, how can I really teach it to them right?
  • Taking care of me. I’ve worked out more this year than I have the past 3 years combined. And most of it has come at the end of this year, I’d say from Sept til now.
  • Having an OBM (Online Business Manager). We are putting processes and systems in place. We even just started a help/support desk and we’ll be creating videos in 2018 to go in it so that we both get even more time back.

What didn’t work well for me this year:

  • Spending nonstop moments with my kids. Now a lot of people are all like… I’ve never been apart from my kids and I love spending every moment of everyday with them. I don’t function that way and I’m proud of that for me. My kids understand what “me” time is and that in order for me to be a good mother and a good human, I need that time and space. I could tell when I didn’t take time for myself that I got snippy and snappy and I just didn’t like that.
  • Working a little too much during launches for clients. I know

The 7 Biggest Lessons I Learned In 2017

Lesson 1: I’m In Control Of My Life + Business

This was huge for me at the beginning of this year. Now commonsensically (new word I just created) I knew this, but I didn’t really “get” it until this year. I didn’t understand that how I showed up was affecting my business and life.

Once I understood that (it was right after I got my tubes tied in June) everything changed for me.

Look, I’m not here to preach or make you feel any sort of way, but I will say when I realized no one controlled me, my future, my career, my business, etc other than me, it was really enlightening.

I know there are people out there, who instead of taking responsibility, will blame everyone else, will complain about everything and will live their whole lives in victim mode and it makes me sad.

This is one of the core values I want to teach my kids. Obviously, they can’t control circumstances, but they can control how they react and how they show up and I want to be a good example of that to them.

Other things I want to teach them:

  • Saying “Sorry”(and actually meaning it) doesn’t make you weak
  • Crying is 100% acceptable
  • Laughing is required everyday
  • Have a core set of friends who you trust with your life (but this won’t come until they are out of high school)

I’m sure there is more… but for now, this is good.

Lesson 2: When I Take Care Of My Body, My Life + Biz Improved

I had record business months starting September of this year through Dec. And this month (Dec), I had the best business month I’ve ever had!  I was talking with my hubby and I remember when I started taking care of my body back in 2011/2012, the same thing happened in my business increased and I felt happier, as a mother, girlfriend (wife now) and friend.

After researching, diving deeper into who I am. I’m not just talking about being a mom and a wife, but actually diving into WHO I am and how I want to feel and show up, I realized moving my body was essential to my life.

Somehow as a mom, business owner, wife, etc I lost sight of me, I lost understanding what makes me happy, what makes me who I am and when I started searching for that again, I realized a part of it came/comes with movement and sweat.

Once I brought back that core piece of me, things started to shift and I started to see things clearer.

I could go on and on about this, obviously, but I have 5 more I need to share with you.

Lesson 3: Boundaries Are Essential

Up until this past year, I basically let the client “run” our relationship and I lacked boundaries. I ended up feeling resentful and really sad.

I’ve gotten back to basics. I realize that it wasn’t anyone’s fault except my own when it came to boundaries. So I removed email from my phone and instead of it being the first thing I do in the morning, I workout, meditate and write out my gratitude.

When I was opening email first thing in the morning, I was concerning myself with OPP (other people’s problems/priorities) instead of focusing on my own.

While part of my business is a service based business, if I’m not taking care of me, I’m not showing up.

Also, from 4 – 8pm I no longer have my computer out. I’m hanging out with the kids. Whether we’re doing homework, watching TV or playing games, I want to show them that they are the MOST important thing to me.

It was actually pretty freeing taking a lot of time off with them for Christmas break. It felt good doing things with them without any real worries.

I’ve started setting expectations that I’m not instantly available which is 100% okay. As long as everything is done when it needs to be, then I’m giving myself the grace of boundaries.

Lesson 4: No Is A Complete Sentence

This one has probably been one of the hardest lessons I’ve needed to learn. I’m a notorious people pleaser and I want everyone to be happy. However, when I was trying to make everyone happy, it ended up making me stressed and a grump.

All of that to say… I learned how to say no. And yes, it’s a complete sentence.

Lesson 5: Taking Time Off Is A-Ok

I used to think that if I wasn’t working, I was a bad business owner and that I couldn’t be successful. That can’t be any less true. When I take time off and allow myself the ability to rejuvenate, I come back refreshed and with more ideas than I had before.

It also gives my kids an example.  If they want to open their own business or work for themselves, I want them to see a healthy relationship with work, especially since I do work from home and living on my computer was no longer an option.

And according to Project: Time Off, people who take vacation time end up being more productive and are higher performers.

So do yourself a favor: Take some time off. Working yourself into the ground won’t do you, your family or your clients any good.

Lesson 6: Release What Doesn’t Work

Now this should be another common sense one, but OMG… Brendon Burchard always says, “Common sense isn’t always common practice” and I can absolutely see that.

We sit here in our business and we say, “This isn’t working, I’ve got to try something else.” And then nothing changes, nothing gets done, yet… we expect different results.

Last year was the year for me to really understand what didn’t work for me in my life and in my business. 2018 is the year of more testing AND tweaking, because you can’t fix something if you aren’t looking at the numbers and data around it.

So look at every aspect of your life and business and start documenting.  For my personal life, I’ve wanted to eat healthier and lose weight but nothing was happening, until I started tracking my numbers. I took my measurements + weight and I’ve seen my numbers go down.  I’ve lost 13lbs and 5 inches off my stomach.

What you track improves and you can release what isn’t working.

Lesson 7: Owning Who I Am Is Good Business

My husband used to call me a people pleaser. He said I would try to do whatever I could to make others feel good at the sake of really being me and owning who I am.

When I realized that either people are really gonna like me or not gonna like me at all, I let it go. I don’t need to be besties with everyone and my content and business aren’t for everyone.  

Letting go of this need to please and owning who I am, what I believe in and how I want to show up, has increased how I view myself and helped me to really understand that it is good business to repel people.

Alright, so those were my lessons! I’ll tell you, I feel a bit freer and more purposeful holding boundaries for myself and my biz.

Are there any lessons you’ve learned that are sticking with you? I’d love for you to share below!

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