This year has been the absolute hardest year for me in business and in life.  I've been in this middle ground of not being 100% sure which way to go and I've beat myself up a lot because I thought I couldn't do what makes me feel good and I let the “comparison game” get to me. I let myself see others success as my failures and I didn't give myself the grace I needed to move forward into a way that works for me.

I finally broke down and I just stopped. I stopped comparing, stopped pretending I have to “niche” down, stopped listening to ALL the clutter and misinformation that has been given to me. I created my business to have MORE time with my family, LESS stress, to make a BIGGER impact in the world and I felt like I wasn't doing any of that. I got away from sharing my VOICE, my story, what works for me and in turn, I stopped making an impact at all.

And I stopped feeling joy. Joy is something that is required in my life otherwise, it ain't pretty sunshine. So that's what I'm back to… a journey of manifesting me. Doing what works for me, sharing how I do business and hoping that you can take a bit of it to create a business that works for you.

I want to talk about some of the changes and updates that are going to be coming from me!

Look for more content, videos and webinars in these topics:

  • Content Marketing
  • Goal Setting
  • Spirituality/Personal Enlightenment
  • Personal Development/Mindset
  • Marketing (specifically Facebook Ads and creating a powerful story)

And whatever else I feel will help you live the life that feels good to you and build a business that doesn't stress you out. Here are some specifics on what will be added over the next few months!

My Podcast

My goal this year was to get a podcast started and I most certainly did, but I didn't take my family factors in consideration when I started it 2 months before school let out. So while I haven't had any new episodes out this summer, I'm okay with that.  My podcast is going to run from Sept. – May and June – Aug will be my “off season” to be with my family.

I cannot wait to reach out to interview people for the podcast! I'm sooo stinkin' excited 🙂


Because I'm craving family time without sacrificing my income. I'm craving cuddles, adventures, love and the space to explore a spiritual side of me that is now coming up. I'm ready to connect more with God, spirit, source, whatever you want to call it – I'm just ready. I'll share about my journey each month on a podcast. I'm excited to keep you filled in on this ride that I'm headed on.


I'm so ready to be more visible and I'm already doing that with my social media. I'm sharing videos, tips & tricks.  It feels really good. I'm not sure why I was so afraid of it before.  One thing I'm going to focus on getting better at is making sure I have a call to action at the end of each of my videos with a link to something actionable or to have a free consult with me.

Do you like video? I feel like I've had the breaks on for so long that I didn't realize how much I would like it, so I've been doing daily videos and I'm going to keep on doing it! It doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to get done and that is my goal – to show you how to create a successful business without everything being perfect.

I'm thinking about video interviews too. We'll see how that unfolds.

Content & Marketing

I'm coming back to me. I remember putting the kids to bed one night when my hubby was sick and I told them a story and I just talked with them. You know what my son said? He told me I was a good storyteller, that he liked it when I told him stories.  That is what marketing is about. Selling is about the story, the connection, the emotion and it needs to be there in all of your content, so instead of just doing this for clients, I'm going to start bringing more of that into my business.

I'm a lover of marketing, good copy and words that ignite a movement, so expect more of that and more of me pointing out what is good and what isn't good!

More Spirituality

I work from home, I bet you do too and sometimes I get disconnected from myself, from my purpose and if that means writing a blog post on how I get back into my purpose and connect with God, you'll get that too :).  I'm on this journey every day to find myself and to feel like “me.” So in the process, I hope to share a bit of my story so it can help you do the same thing. I want to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly so you know its not always going to be roses and unicorns.

Those are just a few things you'll be getting from me. I'm so ready to blog, build and grow and I cannot wait to help you do the same!

Comment!!! What do you need help with? If it is in my zone of genius, I'll do whatever I can to create content or actionable steps for you to take to get you there 🙂

PS – If you know you need hand holding and you need that extra oomph, book a FREE consultation with me and let's see if we're a good fit.

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