Navigating the world of Facebook advertising (Meta-verse) can be challenging, particularly when you're unsure why your campaigns aren’t giving you the results you were hoping for. Let's talk about some of the potential mistakes you're making with your Facebook Ads.

As a Facebook Ads Manager and Coach, I hear and see this all the time. No fear, my friend, let’s look at this together!

Honestly, even the most experienced marketers have made these avoidable mistakes that can undermine the success of their ads.

In this article, I’m going to share the three of the most common pitfalls that could be ruining your Facebook ads and how to fix them.

The 3 Mistakes You're Making With Your Facebook Ads

Let's dive into what the main pitfalls are in your Facebook Ads and the simple fixes you can make to them so you can get the results that you're after.

Changing Your Ads Too Quickly: Slow Down!

You might think that changing your ads often is a good thing. But with Facebook, this actually hurts your ad performance. Facebook's system takes time to learn who to show your ads to. And if your objective takes longer to learn, the results you want can take longer.

Ideally, Facebook would like to see 50 conversions within a 7-day time-frame.This learning period can take a few days or more (depending on your budget), and if you change things during this time, the system has to start learning all over again.

Changing your ad too quickly also stops you from getting valuable information. If you let an ad run for a while, you'll see how well it's doing. So, instead of changing things in a hurry, give your ad enough time to gather helpful data.

FIX: Don’t touch your ads for AT LEAST 5 – 7 days. I tell people who are just starting to run their own ads not to touch them for 7 days because they are the ones who tend to be more antsy.  Give your your ads time to collect the results.

Not Trying Out Different Creatives: Mix It Up!

Some people make the mistake of only using one type of design and one type of ad copy for their ads. But different designs can attract different people and reduce your cost per conversion. By only using one design, you might miss out on reaching more people.

Try to spend time testing different designs and formats for your ads. Test different pictures, titles, ad texts, actions to take, and layouts. You might find that some people prefer ads with lots of pictures, while others prefer ads with a video.

I usually set up my Done-For-You client ads with 2 – 3 copy variations and 2 – 3 images and videos. I also try to add in a vertical ad if I’m doing automatic placements so that it is more aesthetically pleasing on mobile.

It does not take a lot of extra work to create either.  I mean, we do have AI right now. Even before AI, I would use the long form ad copy and reduce it down to 2 or 3 sentences for the shorter copy. I *might* change a few words to make it feel different but I do my best to take the path of least resistant. And I would highly suggest you do that too!

By trying out different designs, ad copy variations and creatives, you can find out what works best and use that to make your ads better.

FIX: Test out 2 -3 ad copy variations (short, medium and long) and 2 – 3 creatives (video & images). And let them run for 7-days 😉

Here is an example of one of my client’s ads that we are testing right now. We will be adding in video a little later.

Facebook Ads Example
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Spending Your Money On The Wrong Things With Your Facebook Ads: Be Smart!

It's important to have a plan for how you'll spend your money on Facebook ads. No matter if you have a small or large budget, spending your money on the wrong things can waste it.

If you're spending a lot of money on ads that are not for conversions, leads or sales, you’re doing the opposite of what you should be.

Facebook’s algo is super smart. They will feed your ads to the objective you’re after. So if your objective is link clicks but you’re after sales, you’re going to get a lot of people who are most likely to click. And that won’t create the conversions as fast as you would like.

Look at how your ads are performing and put more money into the main objective you want to have which would be growing your list or sales.  And spend very little on anything else.

Facebook's Ad Manager can help you keep track of things like how many people clicked on your ad, how many people took action, and how much it costs for each action when you set up the pixel correctly.  This one is the biggest one I work with my coaching clients on.

FIX: Know what your objective is and adjust your budget and plan accordingly.

You should be spending 70% of your budget on conversion or sales ads. And 20 – 30% on re-targeting ads (if you AREN’T eCommerce) and up to 10% on view content ads.

Conclusion: Avoid The 3 Mistakes You're Making With Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be tricky, but if you avoid  and/or fix these mistakes, you’ll turn your ads around in no-time.

Remember not to change your ads too quickly, try out different designs, and be smart with your money.  Here are some examples of ads for coaches and here are some examples of ads for products. Some of the ads might be a bit older BUT the messaging and marketing piece of it is still so true and it will give you a ton of ideas as well!

These tips can help you create great Facebook ads that really work.

If you’re looking for help and coaching on how to increase your conversions with your Facebook Ads, grab one of my hourly packages HERE.

3 Mistakes You're Making With Your Facebook Ads
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