These are some of my favorite posts because I get to share a bit about me and a behind the scenes look into my life and my business and what I want to accomplish. I used to try to do weekly goals but that was just setting myself up for failure. Monthly goals definitely seem doable to me. Well, now that the kids are starting school it will be much easier.  My daughter is 5 and my son is almost 7 and they are both going to be in school all day Monday – Friday. Where has the time gone?

This year has made me realize that I want to do business differently.  I want to live and be different than others who are hustling day in and day out. I've already missed so much and I want to be more present. I love sharing my goals with you.  Now that I'm getting back into my passion stuff, I'm going to be sharing more regularly what I want to do each month.

I want to focus less on money and more on taking action to make sure my life is aligned with my vision and I'm feeling joy.

I divide my goals into 3 sections: Family, Personal & Business and I always have 10 or less goals for the month.

September Goals

The kids starts school and I'm so excited to go back to a routine.  With them home I've felt totally guilty about working while they're here and then when I don't get work done I feel bad for not getting work done.  And feeling bad ain't one of my Core Desired Feelings for this year.

Let me share my goals.

Family Life

  1. Get outside with the kids everyday – I'm usually pretty good about this, but I really dislike heat, so now that it is going to get cooler, this will be so much easier for me!
  2. Try out 2 – 3 new recipes each week – I LOVE cooking and I want to get back to doing more stuff I enjoy. More cooking, less cleaning.
  3. Weekly alone time with hubby (this doesn't have to be going out, but just time where we watch TV, play games or even snuggle).

Personal Goals

  1. Workout 4 times each week – Two of my biz best friends and I are holding each other accountable so we post in our group chat when we get our workouts in each week.  I feel really confident that we're going to do it together and we're going to do pretty well.
  2. Blog on my mommy blog – Confession – I love blogging and videoing about my life with kids and sharing recipes and rocking Christmas stuff. It's something that I'd do even if I don't make money, so I want to get back to it and allow myself to LOVE what I do :).  What is something that you LOVE to do but aren't doing enough of? Share in the comments below!
  3. 8 – 9 hours of sleep each night – I have adrenal fatigue and I need to start healing my body. I've kind of just let it go and I feel myself getting more tired and more drained and that's just not okay. I love being high energy and I want to get back to that, so one of the biggest things they said that helps (outside of diet) is sleeping and walking/yoga. I'm going to be intentional with when I go to bed and when I wake up to make sure I'm healing my body.

Business Goals

  1. Daily Video – This is a really big goal for me because I want to do a daily video on FB Live &  a separate Daily video for YouTube.  My goal is to get to 500 YouTube subscribers by the end of the year and I want to build up my videos on FB Live so I can use them to market programs and create ads with.
  2. Launch program – I'll be launching a program at the end of this month, beginning of next month and I'm excited and nervous. It's not just going to be an information product though, I think those are dead. It'll be an engaging experience where we'll do it together.  Excited!!!
  3. Fill my 4 month One-on-One coaching program. I only have 4 slots left and it's all about building momentum for them through the end of this year and starting next year strong. I am excited to help build out customer journeys that convert, FB Ads that convert and create products that feel good to them.  There is no point of being in business if it doesn't light you up, right?  If you're ready for Momentum, book a free clarity call so we can see if we're a good fit! Book HERE.

Alright, you've seen my goals! Do you write down monthly goals? Share in the comments below! I'd love o see how you set yours up so that I can hold you accountable!

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