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I remember making so many excuses for why I’m not where I want to be, espcially in my online business. And eventually I got sick of hearing them. You see, so far this year I’ve had THE best year in my business than I’ve had any other year… and you want to know what changed?

Read on sweetheart…

Success won’t come if you’re being lazy. But, you don’t have to do the mindless actions that everyone else does in order to be truly successful.


I know this is something I’ve struggled with especially having the kids home with me now. I’ve not done a good job of setting a content creation and marketing schedule, but that is 2020 Theme for my business – Consistency.

If I were you, I would ask what it looks like, so I’m going to share the steps I’m going to take to be consistent.

First, I’m going to change my being (and mindset around it). In the transformational coaching program I took, it talked about creating the identity around the person you want to be.

My old identity and way of being was that I didn’t have time during the day. I had too much contract and client work. So my consistency with my business was put on the backburner. And I wouldn’t let it get done. I found I made a lot of excuses as to why things weren’t getting done.

Not just in my online business but also in my life. I was too tired to workout, I stayed up too late. I had too much going and the list goes on. It’s actually quite embarrassing how we can get our client work done or I watch my husband go to his 9 – 5 and get everything done. However, when it comes to our health, wellness and moving ourselves forward, we don’t have the self-integrity or identity around it getting done.

With this identity and new way of being, I am finding that it is easier to get things done. And with getting things done, it fuels consistency. For example, I’m currently writing this while we are at my son’s baseball game. When we go to his games, we have to get there an hour early so him and his team can practice and warm up. So normally I would go chit chat and not be productive. However, we plan on going out to dinner with a few teammates and family so I can chitchat afterwards.

And I’ve been able to write this article.  With a simple mindset and being shift, I’ve given myself permission to keep moving forward. I've allowed myself to own my role as the CEO and Chief Content Creator of my business.

Now, the second thing I’m doing to be more consistent is meditation and self-hypnosis. I know, I know this sounds different but reprogramming my mind and attitude will help me so that even on the days I fall off the wagon, I have the ability to not beat myself up for it, to get back up and keep moving where I left off.

And third, I add some fun to it. When I’m not working on something that I have to focus on that’s really hard, I’m playing music and it makes it feel so much better which allows what I want to get done to be the path of least resistant and that really helps.

The key to success is consistency.

Being Okay Uncomfortable

This is hardest one for me. I love my comfortable fuzzy socks and Hallmark movies but I also know that I’m meant to create true impact in the world and I can’t do that by staying comfortable.

Let’s be honest, if we look at any of the people we look up to, we know that they had to face something in order to hit their goals and make a difference. What is something small (or big) you can do today to get out of your comfort zone.

I’m not overextending myself but I do force myself outside of my comfort zone every day. Whether its in business or doing a new workout, I’m pushing myself. I’m currently doing the Beachbody Barre Blend workout and that is so far off from my wheelhouse that it’s insane. I’m getting stronger and I feel more graceful. I might not look, but I feel in my soul more graceful when it comes to that.

Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth. – Bryant McGill

Your Voice

Some of us are quieter than others. I’m not that person in case you were wondering. My family will tell you that everyone knows when I arrive. It’s so interesting I can be such a big personality but sometimes I’m so afraid of visibility. Crazy huh?

When you don’t show up as you, you’re losing out on a key part of yourself. That could ultimately have you attracting the wrong clients.

And if you’ve ever worked with the wrong clients, you know how that goes.

Let’s take a second and let this sink in. What I notice so many other people who claim to be experts (especially in creating profitable online business) aren’t using their voice. They *might* have the first two but they just sound like everyone else out there. How bland is that?

The truth is your voice and personality is 100% a part of your brand.  How you show up is how your followers and potential clients will see you.

“It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.” – Dianna Hardy

What do you find your biggest struggle from these 3 are? I’d love to know. For me, my biggest struggle is probably the consistency. I’ve been blessed with having contracts so I get to build my business on my terms but it’s also not good. It also means that I’m not putting in the effort into my business that I need to in order to really expand it.

This gave me an idea, maybe I will track my online business income over the next 6 months to see if it increases.

I could create a monthly check-in on followers, new clients and new offers I want to create for my online business. I was talking with my business bestie and my end goal is to have 10K in passive income each month.  Passive doesn’t mean what a lot of people thinks it means though. For me, passive income is more about a membership course or a course where I am doing one to many coaching. It's not the one on one and the Facebook Ads Done For You that I have been doing for the last 9 years.

Alright, quick update: It’s been about 45 minutes in the car while the team warmed up, it down-poured rain and stopped raining. Guess what? In this almost one hour time frame, I was able to write almost 1000 words for this article.

Consistency doesn’t mean hours upon hours at a time, it just means being smart with your time and not wasting as much of it as we tend to do.

Write down what you’re committed to doing and being consistent with over the next 90 days. Share it below! 

3 Keys To Succeed In Your Online Business
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